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Polyester tufted fabric is a newly developed product of our company. This kind of fabric can get the raised pattern on the surface after the complicated weaving process and the post-processing, and this pattern will never disappear.
More complex polyester tufted fabric patterns can be added with cationic raw materials, and the pattern and bottom surface can finally present two different color contrast effects during dyeing.
The width of this polyester tufted fabric is generally 260cm, and wider ones need to be customized.
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-002
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-003
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-004
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-005
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-006
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-007
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-008
  • Polyester Tufted Fabric YX-009
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Changxing Yongxin Textile & Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Changxing Yongxin Textile & Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a textile, printing and dyeing company. It is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake - No.6 Xinguang Road, Industrial Park, Jipu Town, Changxing, Zhejiang. Located in the Yangtze River Delta Hangzhou-Jiahu Plain, 104, 318 national highways and Hangzhou-Nanjing, Shanghai-Wanzhou Expressway in this intersection, the junction of three provinces, known as the northern gate of Zhejiang. The geographical location and environment are unique, and the traffic is very convenient.
The company was put into production in 2002, covering an area of 27,000 square meters, with more than 800 employees, including 80 R&D personnel, 40 foreign trade salesmen and 40 technicians. Fixed assets of 200 million, annual production capacity of more than 320 million meters, the company's total output value of 160 million yuan in 2021, more than 40 million yuan of profit and tax. We have 88 sets of imported high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines, 3 sets of digital screen printing machines, 16 sets of sizing machines, and finishing equipment for printing and dyeing. In terms of production technology, we have introduced many advanced production technologies at home and abroad, absorbed and digested new technologies, new techniques and developed new varieties.
The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and production of various types of medium and high-grade water jet fabrics and the processing of refining, dyeing and printing of various chemical fiber, polyester-cotton and cotton fabrics. Our main products are printed and dyed brushed fabrics, spring yarn, interwoven cotton, peach skin velvet, satin, twill, microfiber, low stretch brushed fabrics and other kinds of chemical fibers. Relying on advanced equipment and technical force, the product quality has developed by leaps and bounds. Welcome people from all walks of life in the world to our company to discuss cooperation and common development!


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What is the main function of polyester tufted fabric

Polyester tufted fabric is a type of textile that is made by tufting polyester fibers into a backing material. The main function of polyester tufted fabric is to provide a durable and versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

Carpeting: Polyester tufted fabric is commonly used as a carpeting material, as it is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Upholstery: Polyester tufted fabric is also used for upholstery in furniture, as it is strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Clothing: Polyester tufted fabric can be used to create clothing items, such as jackets, coats, and pants, as it is lightweight and easy to care for.

Industrial Applications: Polyester tufted fabric can also be used in a range of industrial applications, such as automotive and marine upholstery, as it is resistant to moisture, mildew, and fading.

Overall, the main function of polyester tufted fabric is to provide a versatile and durable material that can be used in a variety of applications.

Types of tufted fabric

There are several types of tufted fabrics available in the market, some of which are:

Cut Pile Tufted Fabric: This type of tufted fabric is made by cutting the loops of yarn that are created during the tufting process, resulting in a plush, soft texture.

Loop Pile Tufted Fabric: This type of tufted fabric is made by leaving the loops of yarn intact, which creates a dense, durable texture.

Cut and Loop Pile Tufted Fabric: This type of tufted fabric combines both cut and loop pile techniques to create a textured design. It is commonly used in carpets and rugs.

Level Loop Pile Tufted Fabric: In this type of tufted fabric, the loops of yarn are all the same height, creating a level, uniform surface. This type of fabric is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications.

Velvet Tufted Fabric: This type of tufted fabric has a short, dense pile that creates a soft, luxurious texture. It is commonly used in upholstery and clothing.

Berber Tufted Fabric: Berber tufted fabric is a type of loop pile fabric that has a textured, speckled appearance. It is commonly used in carpets and rugs.

Overall, the type of tufted fabric used will depend on the specific application and desired texture and appearance.

Benefits of Polyester Tufted Fabric

Polyester tufted fabric has several benefits, including:

Durability: Polyester is a strong and durable synthetic fiber that is resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for use in tufted fabrics. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and is less likely to fade or shrink over time.

Stain Resistance: Polyester is naturally stain-resistant, which means that spills and stains are less likely to penetrate the fabric fibers. This makes polyester tufted fabric easy to clean and maintain.

Easy to Care For: Polyester tufted fabric is generally easy to care for, as it can be vacuumed or spot cleaned with mild detergent and water. It can also be steam cleaned to remove deeper stains or dirt.

Versatility: Polyester tufted fabric can be made in a wide range of textures and designs, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications, such as carpets, upholstery, and clothing.

Cost-Effective: Polyester tufted fabric is often more affordable than other types of tufted fabrics, such as wool or silk, making it a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Overall, the benefits of polyester tufted fabric make it a popular choice for a range of applications, from residential carpets to commercial upholstery.